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Spearfishing & Underwater Life

Bullshark Liquidfocus Hunting Pelagics
"One sailfish did stop and face me early in the fight"
Dolphinfish Spearfishing Liquidfocus My 1st Speared Fish
"Mum took some photos of me and I had it for dinner that night"
Bullshark Liquidfocus Bull Shark
"The shark grabbed the spear in its jaws and shook it violently..."
Dolphinfish Spearfishing Liquidfocus Dolphinfish
"Male Dolphinfish are called bulls and have a distinctive bony crest on the head"
Marlin Spearfishing Liquidfocus Marlin !
"The sighting of that first marlin of the season really got our blood going"
FAD Spearfishing Liquidfocus Just a FAD
"I checked out my glove and saw where the friction from the rig line had burnt a groove through the leather !!"
Spanish Mackeral Spearfishing Liquidfocus Spanish Mackeral
"The Mackerel has soft flesh and a spear is easily torn free"
Jewfish Spearfishing Liquidfocus Whitewater Hunting
for Jewfish
"I accelerated and fired instinctively just behind the head hoping to spine the fish"
Wahoo Spearfishing Liquidfocus Wahoo
"This near perfect example of a streamlined predator.."
Billfish Spearfishing Liquidfocus Billfish
"They are self assured and inquisitive, so spearing them is not that difficult"

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