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a trophy australian fish species

grey nurse shark

a common companion to spearfishers

freediving the cave

insane clarity, see it to believe!


a popular tropical gamefish

sandbar shark

bad company

hunting mulloway

head to head with rampaging mulloway!

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Immersion IV

In edition 4 of the Immersion series we will show you what it's like to spearfish Australia's coral reef habitats. First we will visit the Bunker Group of islands at the southern end of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef.
Next we will continue our adventure exploring the inshore and offshore waters of the Great Barrier Reef north of Cairns.
Finally we will travel to Australia's west coast and the magnificent Abrolhos Islands, home to an amazing mix of termperate and tropical marine life.

67 species. 65 mins duration. Rated M15+
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Immersion III

In this film we’ll show you some of the spearfishing action to be found on the Coffs Harbour Coast of NSW, including species not seen in previous Immersion programs as well as a few old favourites.
It’s often the unexpected encounters that turn an ordinary day out spearfishing into a memorable adventure and this film features some of the more exciting action from the past few seasons.
So sit back and immerse yourself in spearfishing adventures on the Coffs Coast.

Running time 69 mins Rated M15+
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Immersion II

The 2nd instalment in the popular Immersion spearfishing series - featuring Mackeral, Cobia, Mangrove jack and many other species not seen in Part 1 and also including the ever popular Mulloway, Kingfish and Dolphinfish captures.

Each season the East Australia Current brings warm tropical waters from the Coral Sea into NSW where they mix with cool temperate seas, creating a unique environment where tropical and temperate species live side by side. This broadcast quality film features 75 species encountered while diving some of the best spearfishing locations on the NSW North Coast.

Featuring Brett Vercoe, 2005 Australian Bluewater Classic spearfishing champion.

Running time 59 mins Rated M15+
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Immersion I

This is the first program in the “Immersion” series. This film features 59 species encountered on this unique section of the Australian east coast. This area sees a mixing of tropical and temperate waters which produces a wide variety of fish species.

Theres plenty of spearfishing and shark action and some great Australian coastal scenery. This film contains valuable information about blue water and inshore spearing, ethical practices as well as where and how to find fish.

Running time 59 mins Rated M15+
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