Liquid Focus Services

Digital Film Production

Digital Video Camera Operator
We have been doing this for years and we love it - freediving or on air, no problem. We have all our own DVCAM 3CCD equipment and housings, above and below water, in Australia or in remote (or not so remote!) parts of the world. Loads of experience and loads of footage already shot for TV.
Digital Video Editing
Professional editing suite, professional editing skills, VHS and DVD output available in-house. Whatever you need for your next project, we can do it.
underwater video gear for hire Underwater Camera Hire
We've got a wide range of quality video and still equipment ready for your next project. Digital still cameras with strobes and DV 3CCD digital video equipment with lights. Get in touch and get wet!
Underwater Digital Video Stock Library
Extensive quality recent footage of aquatic wildlife with an emphasis on large marine mammals, sharks, and endangered species. Also heaps of aquatic activities (surfing, scuba-diving, spearfishing!, etc).

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